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Increased hire rate by 50% without additional labour costs!

Our method of recruiting drivers was simple. We used our cold driver database, local job boards, classified sites, and referrals to receive driver applications. However, what worked 2-3 years ago started to be less and less effective. The driver database was not active, job boards and classified ads were getting saturated with unqualified applicants and referrals were becoming increasingly less often.

“Transleads helped us stand out from our competitors! They brought a new approach to our company by enhancing our job descriptions, improving our messaging service, and boosting ads. They also built landing pages and an automated Recruitment Funnel. The result? We received more qualified applications, an increase in hire rate, and less costs by saving our recruiters tons of time.”

Peter Szakal, CEO @ EuroDriverJobs

0 - 14 Qualified Drivers per week!

Before working with Transleads, we generated driver applications from referrals but times have changed. Our company grew and we had to find new ways to attract new candidates. We tried job boards and online classified ads that would generate incoming calls. However, we mostly received unqualified or low intent applications.

During the first week of working together with Transleads we received 14 qualified driver candidates. We then successfully hired the first qualified driver before the week was up!

“We were looking for new and creative ways to attract candidates other than using the same job boards or classified ads that every other company was using”

Zoltan Nemeth, CEO @ NémoTrans


Receive 10 times more quality driver applications

Increase hire rate without burning extra time

Save time and engage drivers with automated messages

Attract Drivers Online by using enchanced Job Descriptions

By creating a new and enhanced visual job description that leads with your unique company goals and values you will stand out and stop being just another job listing on Stepstone, Glassdoor or Indeed.

Reach your Target Audience through Mobile Recruiting

Our analytics shows that 86% of drivers look for jobs on their mobile phones.

Our fast loading mobile friendly experience will make sure that we maximize your outreach.

Receive high intent and matching Driver Applications using Quiz Form

Our site ensures that all our drivers have to take a short Quiz before applying. This will help you receive applications from more serious drivers whilst also preventing unqualified and disinterested drivers from knowing your salary range. In addition, we will make sure you only receive applications from drivers who meet your business requirements and are clearly interested in the position you are advertising.

Save time and put your Follow-Ups on Autopilot

Once a driver applies to your job, we trigger a series of automated messages by SMS and email. This is to encourage the driver applicant to engage with your company as soon as possible.

Your time is money! Driver recruitment is a numbers game! Let Automation drive your success!

Track your applicants through our Applicant Tracking System

All of your applicants will land in one place where you can quickly find a driver by search, filter and sorting tools. You will be able to easily see a driver’s general information, name, job position, contact details, and information about their stage and score. Save time and quickly identify the best drivers! Through our service NO TIME is wasted on drivers who fail to fit your criteria.


The driver recruitment landscape is evolving dramatically. We’ve spent the last 10 years working with trucking companies to develop recruiting solutions that work. A vast number of Trucking companies from all over Europe leverage our solutions, technology, and data to achieve one objective: hire drivers cost effectively.

Bela Dobos

BSc. Transportation Engineering Degree - International Transportation Faculty

“I fell in love with trucking at a young age. My father is a truck driver and some of my fondest childhood memories are when he took me on trips to Europe during the summer.”

Co-founder of Logidok and TruckIN in Berlin

Founder of a trucker job board with 60K drivers, 1,500 trucking companies, and 100 to 500 applicants per day

Founder of Transleads

Viktor Ihasz

While I was doing my studies related to the logistics industry at the beginning of my twenties, I had the opportunity to work for the biggest recruitment agency in the CEE region that specialized only to Truck Drivers.

During my time as truck driver recruiter, I interviewed more than 3000 truck drivers. This helped me understand the challenges that they face and gave me a clear picture of their needs. I also had the opportunity to help more than 100 trucking companies with hiring new drivers.

One of the biggest issues was the high rate of applicants that seemed to not read the job ad properly or show any interest in the job ad at all. In many cases, after the 15 minute phone conversation was held, it became apparent that the caller did not meet or accept the key requirements.

These excessive incoming applicants are wasting valuable time on the phone, causing unnecessary administration and high advertising costs for recruiters.

This is why we built TransLeads: to eliminate any and all wasted time, effort and money for truck driver recruiters.


What distinguishes us from other HR tech products?

We support the whole recruiting pipeline focusing on not only the short term, but rather on long term goals as well. By helping trucking companies generate, engage with, and search through potential driver candidates, we will help your company successfully hire qualified new drivers.

Who are we?

We are a team of driven innovators and industry experts who spent the last 10 years working with trucking companies to develop recruiting solutions that work.

What results can you actually expect?

The biggest ROI is a reduced cost per hire by utilizing Transleads to attract quality candidates that understand the job requirements and your organization. Moreover, you will be able to hire more drivers with the exact same resources as before.

How do you know Transleads will work for you?

A vast number of Trucking companies from all over Europe leverage solutions, technology, and data to hire drivers cost effectively. Our service is tailored specifically to your company needs by designing enhanced branded career pages and job advertisements. Additionally, we are currently able to generate driver applications in both English and German.

How should you present this to your team?

We understand that Transleads is an innovative approach to talent attraction. We have worked hard to make Transleads a complete and easy to use system that will eliminate any heavy lifting needed from your recruitment team. In addition, we have a customer success team that will work with you to evaluate how Transleads aligns with your recruitment strategies.

How should you get started?

After you have a signed a letter of agreement, our team will begin to learn more about your specific driver requirements. From there, we will build your recruitment funnel, auto-messaging service, and applicant tracking system. We will also schedule a quick on-boarding session and launch your automated driver recruitment machine.

How much does it cost?

We offer a subscription-based fee structure based on the number of job descriptions and driver applications we generate for you.

What exactly are you getting with Transleads? What are the features and benefits?

Transleads will generate quality driver applications for you by transforming your text-based job posts into visual, engaging, branded adverts that will provide world-class candidate involvement. You also get a branded careers page, a customized applicant tracking system and a dedicated client success support manager. Clients have reported an overall drastic reduction in time-to-hire, a surge in hire rates, and more informed candidates during the phone application stage.